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Saturday, September 29, 2001

I would say it is early Saturday morning, but its not. It is after 11 am and I am still in night shirt. However, my challenge is done and emailed. Its not emotional, but it is the one thing I kept coming back to when I had to do it. Check out the writing challenges at: The Other Side under the "challenge" section.
Keith and I will be leaving shortly to shop. It is Casey's birthday party tomorrow and we have only one small thing for her. So, that leaves today. He is taking me out to dinner as well, so I won't complain that we waited so long to find a gift. Tomorrow will be busy at 2 parties. And then Monday rolls around again.

Some friends really can make a weekend wonderful by a simple (although long) phone call. And other friends are so trusting to leave you as a guest blogger on their blogs. So, come over and visit as we (the other guest and I) talk about everything from tattoos to defining yourself to Disney. And don't forget to visit the back porch as we wrap up our discussion of Banned Books Week, and move into some memories.

The shower is calling my name, and my stomach is asking for some food. Till later. . .enjoy your Saturday.
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Friday, September 28, 2001

I have had a busy morning here. I actually got tons accomplished and organized and feel good about this week. I intend to work on a few things at home such as grading our first psych test, outlining a few weeks worth of lessons, and making a list of "to do" for the first couple days of the week.

On another note, I got my new Entertainment book today so I have something to peruse tonight at home while Keith leaves for work. Of course, I also need to peruse my fingers over the keys to
write my challenge. I have the idea, know what I want to talk about. . .now its just the typing and emailing. But I know I can have it done before the 30th.
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Relaxing ritual for the day: Literally and figuratively, bounce off the walls. Try throwing a foam Nerf ball at the walls. . .perfect for office stress. You can also pretend you are the ball and gently toss yourself around the living room in a chaotic pattern, giving your body over to the law of physics. Do remove any breakables first. (I think this would be great to music)
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Thursday, September 27, 2001

I have been busy all week and so tired when I get up so I am heading to bed, but I needed to report on a few things...
I got my haircut and hi-lighted last night and I really like it. Although its the same color, Colleen had me dry the hi-lights under a dryer for 15 minutes which seemed to make them brighter (and I got home sooner)
I went to a "home make-up demo" last night with my 3 closest friends and we had a blast. I only got one thing for now---its called matte gel and it works like a powder but is clear. That means it will take care of the oil I get during the day.
Keith is on midnight and is being so sweet about cooking because I have either worked late or had appointments. Tomorrow night is something new and if it works out...look for it on a recipe site. . .I will link it.
Todays retreat went very well. The freshmen had a good time and really listened and participated. The leadership board (8 jrs and srs) said that all of the groups they had were good, and they felt the day went well.

Finally, I recently found out that I would get an $800 waiver if I gave up my insurance and used my hubby's. Well, our coverage is almost identical except for office visits being $5.00 more and prescriptions are less. My boss/principal called to let the office of financial know that I would not be using my insurance, and it was cancelled. BUT IT WAS CANCELLED RETROACTIVE TO SEPTEMBER 1, and I had a mammogram on the 7th. So, now I either have to convince them to refile it under Keith's insurance or we have to pay $225 for
both the mammogram and the ultrasound. Yuck, double yuck, and I hope it works out. I also have been calling to get our deposit back from our wedding. They were supposed to take if off the bill, but it was not done, and they owe us $300. I have called 2 times and no check. I will call once more and then I may just drive my butt over there and wait for the check. I think I have patient enough.

Finally, yes really this time. . .sending good thoughts to all my blog/journal friends. We all can use them each and every day.
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OK, I will play too.....a bit late but here it goes via Shana
How I'd like to be remembered: a sensitive, understanding friend, wife and counselor
How I'll probably be remembered: a senstive friend, wife and sometimes understanding counselor
If I had to Karaoke, I'd sing: Shania Twain: Whose Bed? or old Faith Hill ballad
Favorite sandwich: Chicken salad on fresh white bread or bagel
Last movie seen (theater): America's Sweetheart
Last movie seen (TV): The American President
Last meal eaten: fish and pierogies
Anticipated next meal: orange or cranberry juice and granola bar or bagel
Meal I'd order if on death row: My Mom's chicken/cheese/broccoli casserole with chocolate dessert
Why not more often? I need to learn how to make it or get my Mom to invite us to dinner more often when she moves back to PA
Diet or exercise: more diet but I need to exercise.
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Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Via Meagan (who is linked below. . .find it and play!!)
Last time I cried: last week when I reflected on how short life is, and how we need to say "I care" more often.
Last time I laughed: last night for sure when one of my group members was entertaining us when I was trying to get work done!!
Last book I read: The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier (a banned book) and Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult
Last fanfic I read: something of Shana's. . . the list is long of what I need to read.
Last time I was hugged: Monday by one of the kids who needed a hug
Last time someone told me they loved me: this morning as my night-turn-this-week husband drifted off to sleep
Last time I said 'I love you': this morning as my hubby drifted off to sleep.
Last time I danced: on Sunday as we walked through Home Depot. . .I need to dance more!!
Last time I dreamed: I dream every night, but I can't always remember. . .last nights was about flying in a plane and visiting all over the country.
And finally . . .
Last time I was hugged by a child: probably 2 weeks ago when we went to visit Keith's granddaughter (OK so I am a step-grandma!!)

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I want to play Meagan's game, too, but I have to get a few things finished first.

However, I did forget to mention that yesterday I had a "first" experience although I am not using this one for the challenge. I got pulled over by the local police for speeding. It was a school zone, and I knew it was a school zone (its only 2 minutes from where I work. . .), but I had so much on my mind that it didn't register until I was through it, and by then, the nice police officer was flashing his lights. I think he either 1)knows my husband or 2)remembers me from the wedding in April--we have mutual friends. Either way, he gave me a warning . . not a ticket so while I will remember the speed limit there, I don't have to pay a small fortune to remember.

Another random thought, I have been thinking and thinking of what I will write my challenge for on the other side but I still have not decided. Since I plan on writing it on Friday, I guess I should decide soon!! Maybe I will be inspired on retreat. Or maybe I will just use one of the 20 ideas I already have.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2001

I want to play too!!!

My journal's name is Shamrock Songs

I call it this because of a few reasons. . .I attended Notre Dame and use the shamrock as a symbol, and I have a shamrock tattoo. The songs is because I believe music can change the way you feel.

I have changed the name: never

I've changed the location: never

I've had an online journal since sometime in February/March 2001. I think it was before my birthday so I guess Feb.

I have a tendency to ramble about nothing and avoid saying what I think, but I have tried changing that over the past few months. I also have a tendency to forget to mention a blog worth reading.

My layout changes at least once a month.

I like reading journals that peer into a person's heart and soul. I use blogs to catch up on the life of close friends, but also to understand people because that is part of who I am.

Thanks to Deb and Kristine of hopeless romantics for this MEME.

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Just some ramblings from my head tonight. Damn, but its chilly up here in the attic/office. We need to get our little ceramic heater for my cold feet. Group was tonight and it went well again. I will miss these people when they finish. Had a long conversation with another teacher who will be attending the retreat with me on Thursday. First time she has not driven me totally crazy. And we do agree about the priest assigned to the high school as chaplain. Since its not very good, I will just leave it at that for now.
Just know that I get "instincts" about some people when I meet them. . .and even if I change my mind due to interactions with them. . . its still in my mind. And right now, he is not scoring so high on the good feeling scale. I really try not to prejudge and let others let the light shine out from their souls.....(or the bitter colors of meanness as the case may be) so I am trying to get along with him. I hope I can be patient and listen without thinking too much. (yeah, right!!)

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I am trying to complete more than one job at a time so I get confused and also don't get anything done. But, after this quick break, I need to make phone calls to the area Catholic grade schools to schedule visits for our "recruiting". I know, I know, it makes us sound like big time colleges who "recruit" but we do need to get into the grade schools to sell ourselves since our students come here by choice. On Thursday I will be on retreat with the 9th grade class, so I need to get started on this today. I dislike this part of my job, but it is usually over after the month of October so I can live with it.....for now anyway.
Keith is sleeping at home and I have to make sure he is awake by 1:00 pm so that the heating/cooling guy can give us an estimate for a new furnace and air conditioner. ***sigh***more money we have to spend, but it will help improve the house for many years to come so I can look at the bright side there.
Till later. . . .peace
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Relaxing ritual: Art therapy!! Get out your box of crayons and mindlessly play with color. You can buy a coloring book or simply doodle. Try scribbling pictures that express your mood. And remember, it doesn't matter if you color inside the lines or not. If you are developmentally beyond crayons, try colored pencils, bright markers or watercolors.
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Monday, September 24, 2001

with the word shamrock in my title, you know I get alot of referrals with that word, but I have had the oddest one so far. . .and no shamrock to be seen. . .
"got my hair cut" which is odd because I will be saying that again this week when I do get my hair cut and highlighted.
Just wonder what he or she was REALLY looking for. .
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Hmmm....I never made it back did I? But I did get alot of work done (and a little searching for various sites for work and play). I had an underage drinking class start tonight. There could have been 14 in the class but 4 did not pay in full yet....2 were sick and cancelled. . . .and 2 didn't show. I guess it was not important for them to complete what they have to do before the magistrate gives a deadline. All I know is there will be no class before March of next year. It went ok tonight. They did listen, and participate, but I was very tired. Rain and gray days can do that to a person. I wore a bright green skirt and matching t-shirt, though, so I tried to keep the clouds away.

I really don't have too much to say tonight, so I think I will be going to bed. I did a quick search for "wines" tonight because I am in charge of a wine-tasting at Junior Woman's club meeting in October. If you have a favorite wine and it is a reasonable price, let me know. I am hoping to have 4 wines at least. . .maybe 5 with some information on that wine and on serving wine in general. I just won the "wine for dummies" on ebay so I thought it might give me a quick heads-up. I think it will be fun, I just need to get it all organized and I refuse to wait until the 17th to do all the work for it.
Well, good night. Maybe I will feel like gabbing and rambling tomorrow night.

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I have an idea that I am going to try for a while. I have a "deck of cards" that is titled 52 Relaxing Rituals, and I thought others might benefit from some of them. So, for the next few weeks, as fall descends upon us and people begin the pre-holiday season, I thought these might help. I don't know if I will remember every day, so let's just make it every other. (or more if I remember).

Todays thought: CRAWL INTO A PICTURE: Mary Poppins could jump into a sidewalk drawing, so why can't you escape into your favorite picture? Keep a file folder of pictures you'd like to be in. The images could be drawings, paintings, photos, or even postcards from your travels. Let your mind wander into the setting, whether it be Monet's gardens or photos of a great vacation you had.
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Sunday, September 23, 2001

It is already Sunday evening which means back to work. It has and hasn't been a busy weekend. Keith I and spent it together. . .almost a bit too much since we were ready for some "me" time today.....however the Steelers weren't playing so we ended up going to Home Depot and Lowe's to price and pick stuff for our bathroom overhaul that will occur in October sometime. It was a nice weekend and we did have some fun, but I can't understand why the man asks me my opinion and then goes and does the opposite and gets a bit pissy when I mention "why do you ask?" I would have thought that was a "woman" thing but I guess I would have been wrong.
Watched The American President today because I have never seen the entire movie and I wanted to. And
it just added to my thought that Martin Sheen is a very sexy man. Don't you laugh to hard at that comment. I am just coming clean with my deep dark secret.
I need to write a list of "to do" things for the week. . .both at school and at home. I really need to get my challenge done, and I need to make a huge amount of phone calls to prep for the next month's open house. I am tired thinking about it. I just have not been sleeping super great, and add that to my restlessness, and I need a quick, fun vacation. Keith and I will be going to Ohio on October 5th which will be nice. And I know my visit with friends will be a wonderful ray of sunshine.
Well, I still need to blog about Banned Books----head over to the back porch to read the ramblings there.


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